Choosing the Best Culinary Schools

As more and more food related channels pop up on our cable systems, American Chefs are becoming celebrities.  Today, more than ever, choosing to become a chef is a very popular career choice as the cooking industry as a whole has gained a much higher profile.  As with any trade or profession, as the popularity grows so does the availability of schools and training programs.  The challenge for prospective students is wading through all of the available options and choosing the best Culinary School for your individual situation.

Every schools should offer a general course of study that will not dramatically differ from all the others, the devil is of course in the details.  The following list contains things to consider before making any educational choices:

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Culinary Schools

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Length of Program
  • Curriculum
  • Graduation Rate
  • Career Placement
  • Availability of Online Classes
  • Class Sizes

Many things on this list might not seem important to every student, but they will all affect the quality of your education whether they pertain to you or not.

Examples of Culinary CareersCulinary School Source

  • Executive Chef
  • Sous Chef
  • Personal Chef
  • Line Cook
  • Pastry Chef
  • Caterer
  • Food Stylist
  • Prep Cook
  • Baker
  • Bartender
  • Private Chef

As you can see the variety of available careers in the culinary arts is vast.  Many of the entry level jobs don’t require much training, and some jobs are available to those with zero training.  However, if you truly desire a career in the culinary arts you would be best served by attending a formal culinary training program.  The food service industry is competitive and promotions come slowly.  Any advantage you might have over your competition will only help you move up faster and having a degree from a Culinary School will certainly create an advantage for you over those that do not.

If you are struggling to make the choice to attend a Culinary school, we recommend visiting a site such as and exploring your options.  They can connect you with several schools near you that offer the exact training you desire.  It is recommended that you request free information from as many as 5 schools or more in order to make the most educated choice as possible.  School can be an expensive investment and you should take care to make the best choice.